Based primarily in Atlanta (and periodically in Minneapolis), Lauren Rubinstein is a leading interior, commercial, and food photographer. Her vision, artistry, and skill enable her to not only capture, but also appreciate the aesthetic qualities of her subjects. She is energized by the collaborative exchange that inevitably occurs when working with talented stylists, designers, and art directors. Lending her eye to the textiles, fixtures, and spaces artfully arranged by talented individuals, is truly her happy place.
Lauren's own living space--featured in magazines as well as online--is a natural extension of her passion and artistry.  It is an inviting setting that features a savvy blend of color, texture, and style, where there is always something scrumptious on the menu. In her mind, the home seems the most obvious place to extend a zeal for capturing the beauty of interiors and food. Striving to create a picture-perfect living space gives Lauren a sense of inspiration and renewal.